What Happens After A Divorce?

Going into a divorce case, you may not immediately realize all the ways dissolving your marriage will change your life. A divorce will impact your finances, your custody situation, and many other areas of life. Sometimes, these changes do not become apparent until after the divorce is finalized. It is important to learn what will happen after divorce before you start the process. At the McGrath Law Firm, we believe in empowering our clients with information about all family law cases. To learn more about what happens after your divorce is final, read the information below. Then, contact our firm to discuss your case with an experienced Summerville divorce attorney.

Changing Your Will

Usually, most divorcing spouses do not want to keep their spouse in their will after the divorce is over. Often, wills are created or changed after major life events, such as marriage. In South Carolina, a will changes upon divorce to revoke portions granting property to a former spouse. In some cases, people want to leave their former spouse in the will, which may require a will addendum. Whether you want your spouse to remain in your will after divorce or not, your will and other estate planning paperwork, such as your Power of Attorney, likely will need changes. It is important to consult with an experienced family law attorney to understand the changes needed for your will.

Modifying or Enforcing Court Orders

As life after divorce moves on, your circumstances will inevitably change. Whether you change jobs, need to relocate to another geographic region, or your income changes, major shifts in your life may warrant a modification to your court order. Whether your child support or alimony order needs to be modified, be sure to discuss the modification with an experienced divorce attorney.

Instead of modifying a court order, you may need to ask the court to enforce your order or agreement. When your former spouse fails to meet his or her obligations, you may need the court to intervene. South Carolina courts are permitted to enforce family law orders and agreements in many ways. In some cases, your former spouse may totally fail to make child support or alimony payments. If that happens, the court may even garnish your ex’s wages to make such payments. Do you need the court to enforce your divorce order or agreement? Call the McGrath Law Firm now to speak with a skilled Summerville divorce attorney today.

Tax Consequences

One obvious tax issue after finalizing your divorce is that both you and your former spouse will file taxes separately. You may have an agreement about which of you will claim your children on the taxes. Another tax consideration is a deduction for paying alimony. While child support in South Carolina is not tax deductible, alimony is deductible for the paying spouse. Since divorce inevitably involves complicated financial matters, such as these tax issues, it is important to hire an experienced, reputable family lawyer for your divorce.

Contact Summerville Family Law Attorneys

At the McGrath Law Firm, we understand the complicated issues that arise during and after divorce. We have helped countless clients in the Summerville area through divorce. Contact us today to discuss your divorce questions and concerns with an attorney today.

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